Mobile Signal Booster

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Dual Band Repeater

Repeater is widely used for constructing a hybrid mobile communications network. It receives and amplifies forward and reverse Radio Frequency (RF) signal to extend the coverage of base station. This Element Management System Manual covers the system frame, technical specification, operation and maintenance of software of the Repeater.


  • ALC ensure output level stable and adjustable continuously.
  • Low power consumption and avoid to interference to BTS.
  • LED indicate and judge to signal level of uplink and downlink.
  • With the amplified linear power, the intermodulation and and spuriousness are suppressed effectively.
  • To easy or and convenient installation.

  • Frequency RangeUL:890-915MHz/ 1710-1785MHz.
    Output Power17±1dBm
    Noise Figure ≤6dB.
    Pass Band Ripple≤6dB.
    Group Delay≤5μs.
    ALCWithin 2dB or shut off.
    Spurious Emission9KHz--1GHz: ≤-36dBm/100KHz
    1GHz--12.75GHz: ≤-30dBm/1MHz
    Weight Approx.2kg
    Storage-40 ~ +85℃
    Operating Temperature-25 ~ +55℃(indoor)
    Impedance 50Ω